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Exciting Merger News!

Hand Surgery Resource, with its worldwide user group, has merged with the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) to further enlarge the global impact of the Federation and its new educational assets, including Hand Surgery Source, Hand Surgery Primer and our YouTube channel.


Hand Surgery Resource is a free educational asset now provided by the non-profit IFSSH.

The IFSSH and the developers of the Hand Surgery site are committed to providing free information on diseases, disorders and injuries affecting the human hand. Currently the Hand Surgery Resource site includes the online content: hand Surgery Source, Newsletter archive, hand Surgery Resource YouTube channel, access to the Hand Surgery Resource podcasts, Hand Surgery Primer website and the Hand Surgery Source App.


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Hand Surgery Source ©

Hand Surgery Source is our premier and comprehensive site dedicated to hand surgery education. This website concisely presents the fundamental principles of hand surgery and hand therapy. All diagnoses that affect the hand are reviewed. All symptoms, signs, diagnostic testing tools, treatment options and the hand therapy library are supported with photographs, diagrams, imaging study examples, coding information and references. Read More...



Hand Surgery Primer

Hand Surgery Primer is a case-based educational site with eight mock patients. Each patient has a hand complaint. The differential diagnosis is provided with support materials that make learning easy and fun. Pre and post-tests allow students to quickly verify their understanding of these common hand complaints. Course performance tools are available for instructors.


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The Hand Surgery Resource Channel has 30 videos, 2.19K subscribers and 147K views. The YouTube channel is dedicated to hand surgery education. It provides succinct educational videos describing common hand problems, hand examination maneuvers, diagnostic studies and surgical and non-surgical treatment choices. All videos are linked to our resource, Hand Surgery Source.


International Hand Surgery Resource Advisory Group

(IHSRAG) is a global group of distinguished Hand Surgeons, Professors and Therapists who advise the Resource team. They spread awareness of our free educational tools. They also provide advice regarding current content, new techniques, advancements and updated material for Hand Surgery Source, Primer, and the Resource YouTube channel.



Hand Surgery Resource Podcasts

Hand Surgery Resource Podcasts ara available on Apple, Google, Spotify and Amazon Podcasters.

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